Pamela or Pam. Either is fine, you choose!

In the words of my three beautiful girlies... I love to laugh, giggle so hard I cry, double over and roll on the floor - often. Giggle fits are pretty common in our home. Uncontrolled laughter is my favorite. I love my girlies, my wonderful husband and I adore babies.

Before children, I was a Child & Family Therapist and retired to be home with my daughters. Finding the fun and beauty in a relationship is still my passion. During sessions, I'm inspired by those precious moments that show joy, confidence, connection, love and emotion and capture them in portraits. I love preserving beautiful moments, true, simple and significant. Seizing these moments in images moves me to tears when editing. Yes, I cry as I edit. I also giggle and laugh out loud. I am moved by my faith and inspired to live my life with this quote impressed in my heart and head: "To feel the joy of another in oneself, this is loving."

I approach my portraiture work with this passion. You will discover or uncover your own special gem in my portrait of you and it will move you. I thrive in my work and I can't wait to find you in portraits too...your L I F E ~ captured.

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